IFC PAC: Who We Are

IFC PAC is a 527 organization affiliated with the Iowa Firearms Coalition, a 501(c)(4) dedicated to the advocacy of the Second Amendment. IFC PAC was created for the purposes of influencing local, state and Federal elections through the education and illumination process.

Simply put though, IFC PAC is the elections and campaign division of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. As you probably know the Iowa Firearms Coalition is Iowa’s most effective pro-Second Amendment group. Our efforts have led to the legalization of suppressors, ATV Carry, the enactment of Shall Issue for the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, Stand Your Ground, Permit Privacy, Youth Supervised Shooting, and the passage of several other pieces of pro-rights legislation.

Our work has united Iowa’s true Second Amendment advocates and forced the Iowa legislature to take seriously the concerns of our state’s gun owners. Most importantly we’ve successfully stopped every gun control measure introduced in the Iowa legislature in recent memory.

IFC PAC, just like the rest of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, is a single issue, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization. We’re made up of everyday Iowans. We don’t get paid to do this. We all have families, and we all live and work right here in Iowa. Fighting to protect and enhance our Second Amendment rights is what we do. We choose to do this because we truly value our freedoms and are willing to sacrifice to protect them.

IFC-PAC is working hard to make a change in the Iowa Senate. Here’s the game plan, and here’s how you can help us make things right in Des Moines.