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What We’re Doing | What We’re Doing – IFC-PAC


Get informed

  1. Learn the latest on Second Amendment issues in Iowa (we suggest visiting www.IowaFC.org).
  2. Learn what campaigns are most critical (scroll down for our list of priority races).
  3. Learn what you can do to help.

Get involved

  1. Donate to IFC PAC.
  2. Sign up to be an IFC volunteer.
  3. Spread the word about our fight to maintain a pro-gun owner majority in the Iowa Legislature.

Get active

  1. Help us bounce the voice of gun control from the Capitol.


The Iowa Senate used to be led by leadership that let pro-gun bills die. As we continue to advance the recognition of gun rights in Iowa, it is absolutely essential that Janet Peterson and Mark Smith don’t take control of the legislature.

What must be done

  1. Keep the representatives of Michael Bloomberg and Hollywood like Amber Gustafson out of the legislature.
  2. Protect the majority of both the Iowa House and Senate.
  3. Keep Governor Reynolds in office.

How we do it

We must remind Iowans that gun rights are a winning issue and show them with evidence that we will struggle to advance gun rights if gun control advocates take over the Iowa legislature.

Priority Races

These are the races IFC-PAC is focusing on most closely. If we win these races, there are very good odds we will hold the legislature.

Why these races? Simple: These races are considered to be the most tightly contested in the state. We’re not ones to shy away from a fight, so IFC-PAC is inserting ourselves right into the thick of things. Our plan is to focus our efforts on these toss-up races because if we can get involved and push these over the edge and into the ‘Win’ column we know there’s a very good chance we’ll succeed in bouncing the anti-gun Senate majority leaders from power.

There is a caveat though: this only works if all of you do your part. You may not live in one of these priority districts, but you value the Second Amendment freedoms you have a vested interest in these races. Get involved and do your part to help better Iowa’s 2nd Amendment community.