Steve Sodders: Straight Shooter -OR- Gun Control Puppet?

Steve Sodders: Straight Shooter -OR- Gun Control Puppet?

By ifc_pac on October 2016


By now most gun owners in Iowa have a decent idea of who Steve Sodders is. He’s the Democrat from Marshall County who for the last two years has chaired Iowa Senate’s Judiciary Committee. As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sodders has been personally responsible for killing the following pro-gun owner pieces of legislation:

Youth Safety & Parental Rights Act – HF2281 – BILL
Privacy Protection Act – HF2314 – BILL
Emergency Protection Act – HF2280 – BILL
Omnibus Firearms Bill – SF427 – BILL
Stand Your Ground – SF137 – BILL
Constitutional Carry – SF400 – BILL

Yet, despite this track record of killing pro-gun owner bills, Senator Sodders claims to be a strong Second Amendment supporter.

Each of these bills passed the Iowa House of Representatives, was assigned to Senator Sodders’ Senate Judiciary Committee and instead of voting Yes or No on these bills Sodders refused to do his job and used his position as committee chair to block any votes on these pro-Second Amendment bills (even though they had broad bi-partisan support).

Members of Iowa’s firearms owning community have long wondered why Sodders’ refused to live up to his “pro-gun owner” claims. Recently Senator Sodders’ true allegiance showed up in a Moms Demand Action Facebook post….

Steve Sodders Gun Control

Steve Sodders & Mom’s Demand Action

Recently the Iowa chapter of Moms Demand Action (one of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups) posted a picture of their leaders standing side by side with Sodders after spending the day door knocking on his behalf. To make things even more apparent, Sodders is wearing a Moms Demand Action button. Here’s what the gun control moms had to say about their day with Sodders:

“Iowa Moms were busy across the state this week with election work. …canvassing in State Center for Senator Steve Sodders, phone banking for Hillary…sodders-mda-button

This is who’s working against you and your right to keep and bear arms in Iowa. Gun control advocates backed by out-of state billionaires and the puppets they influence in the Iowa Senate.

Realistically there are legislators in Iowa who are more anti-Second Amendment than Sodders (and proud of it). But none of them have the power or positioning to continually kill pro-Second Amendment bills the way Sodders does thanks to his position as chair of the judiciary committee. His routine refusal to allow votes on pro-Second Amendment bills means Sodders is literally the front line of the gun control movement in Iowa.


What makes Sodders’ unique is that while he’s responsible for killing numerous pro-gun owner bills, is that he claims to be a Second Amendment supporter. He even circulates campaign fliers showing him in uniform, shooting a handgun claiming that he’s a “straight shooter.” Of course his record proves otherwise.

Such is the state of the Iowa Senate. We have candidates and politicians going around claiming to support the Second Amendment, but when it’s time for action and time to do their jobs and vote on pro-gun owner legislation, they bury their heads in the sand.sodders-support-sham

Don’t be fooled if Sodders tries to continue claiming he’s pro-gun. Just like Hillary, just like Michael Bloomberg, just like every other gun control advoate you’ll hear him say “I support the Second Amendment, BUT…” Well Senator Sodders your record proves otherwise. When the opportunity to “support the Second Amendment” landed on your desk numerous times over the last two years, your support for the Second Amendment shriveled up and was no where to be found.

The truth is Senator Sodders will continue claiming to be a “straight shooting” pro-gun legislator. He’ll continue to try to pull the wool over the eyes of Iowa’s 36th Senate District by creating campaign posters of him shooting a gun in uniform. But when push comes to shove and the pro-Second Amendment bills land on Sodders’ desk, he’ll fall in-line with whatever the party bosses tell him to do. And when Daddy Warbucks Michael Bloomberg’s New York City lobbyists come calling, Sodders will do as he’s told and keep killing pro-gun owner bills that are assigned to his judiciary committee.


We know this because he’s happy to campaign with these gun control pushers.

We know this because we’ve witnessed it over, and over again in the Iowa Senate.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t let your friends be fooled.

Spread the word to your gun owning friends and family in Marshall and Tama Counties.





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