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Candidates and Endorsements | Candidates and Endorsements – IFC-PAC

Candidates and Endorsements

Many people have asked us who we are endorsing for various races, and likewise, several candidates have asked us to endorse them. As we are an all-volunteer organization, IFC PAC cannot possibly do the research necessary to endorse a candidate in every race. However, we do understand that there will be many pro-rights, pro-gun candidates who nonetheless deserve an opportunity to be on the public record and favored by us in some way. Therefore, to try to assist all interested parties, IFC PAC has established the following policy:

Unless an endorsement was agreed upon prior to establishing this policy, IFC PAC will only endorse candidates in districts IFC PAC has a specific and declared an interest in but will offer a candidate survey and publish the grade of any interested candidate who takes the survey. For the public’s benefit, IFC PAC will differentiate between unelected candidates and incumbents when listing survey grades, and will also post its own separate grade for incumbents who have a record both voting and non-voting on Second Amendment issues.

Candidate Endorsements – The IFC PAC endorsement process is as follows:

1. The candidate must IFC Candidate Questionnaire 2020 (it is a fillable PDF, and may be saved).
2. Upon completion, the candidate will return the survey to pac@iowafc.org, along with any separate written statements the candidate wishes to send, plus all links to all websites and social media sites the candidate may have.
3. The survey will be graded against a key IFC PAC devices, and scores will be determined in the standard academic fashion: first by establishing a percentage out of the maximum points, then assigning the corresponding F through A+ letter grade to that percentage.
3. All of the collected information will be forwarded to the board of directors, who shall review the survey, grade, statements, and candidate website and social media.
4. The board of directors will vote on the endorsement.
5. The candidate will be informed of the results of the vote. If the candidate wins an endorsement, the candidate will also be granted written permission to use the IFC name and logo for their campaign.
6. The results of the vote, the candidate’s completed survey, and IFC PAC’s grade(s) will be published on the IFC PAC website for the public’s review.

IFC PAC endorsements and candidate surveys

Priority Races

These are the races IFC-PAC is focusing on most closely. If we win these races, there are very good odds we will hold the legislature.

Why these races? Simple: These races are considered to be the most tightly contested in the state. We’re not ones to shy away from a fight, so IFC-PAC is inserting ourselves right into the thick of things. Our plan is to focus our efforts on these toss-up races because if we can get involved and push these over the edge and into the ‘Win’ column we know there’s a very good chance we’ll succeed in bouncing the anti-gun Senate and House majority leaders from power.

There is a caveat though: this only works if all of you do your part. You may not live in one of these priority districts, but you value the Second Amendment freedoms you have a vested interest in these races. Get involved and do your part to help better Iowa’s 2nd Amendment community.

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