Assault Weapons Ban Being Planned for Iowa

By ifc_pac on June 2016

Matt McCoy Gun Ban

“…banning assault weapons and those that can be modified to be rapid repeater weapons.

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The tragedy in Orlando has brought anti-gunners out in full force. They’re once again trying to cash in on our nation’s collective mourning. In Washington D.C. anti’s from the Northeast staged a filibuster holding the Senate hostage while trying to force their gun control agenda on the people. All before we have conclusive details about the Orlando shooter and what lead him to kill 49 of our fellow Americans.

Unfortunately lawmakers in Iowa are not immune to the same knee jerk reactions. On Wednesday Senator (D) Matt McCoy of Des Moines wrote a letter to the editor of the Des Moines Register pledging that he would introduce a bill to “ban assault weapons.”

According to McCoy, “No civilian should be able to possess a weapon that could fire a dozen bullets in under a minute.” What McCoy fails to mention is that “assault weapons” account for a minuscule number of murders every year. Nationally, less than 2% of homicides in this country a committed with rifles. We say rifles, because the number of Americans murdered with “assault weapons” is so small that the FBI doesn’t even track it. They simply lump “assault weapons” in with rifles as a whole. Lever action rifles, bolt action rifles, “assault weapons,” they’re all grouped together.

In 2014 rifles of all types, accounted for 2% of murders in America. “Assault weapons” made up an even smaller portion of that figure. Keep in mind, the AR15 is the most popular rifle in America. Millions of them are sold every single year and they still account for less than 2% of all homicides in our country.

Looking closer to home, there were 55 murders in Iowa in 2014. Of those 55 homicides, only one person was murdered with a rifle, and guess what, we don’t even know if it was committed with “assault rifle,” a bolt action rifle or a lever action rifle. Also, for the record, there were eight times as many Iowans murdered with knives or “cutting instruments” in 2014. And according to the FBI hands, fists, feet, etc. were eight times more likely to kill Iowans than rifles.

So, Senator McCoy, we understand your outrage over the act of terrorism in Orlando. But your urge to do something is clearly misplaced. At the very best the Assault Weapons Ban you are planning will not make any true impact on crime in Iowa. FBI stats prove this. What it will do is limit the freedoms of more than three million peaceful, law abiding Iowans. Residents who’ve done nothing wrong and who do not deserve to be punished for the actions of a madman.

How to stop this before it starts

First, the bad news:

Senator Matt McCoy is not up for reelection this year, so if he’s truly set on introducing an “assault weapons” ban he’ll be able to when the 2017 legislative session begins in January.

McCoy and his fellow Democrats hold a 26-23 majority in the Iowa Senate. Being the majority party means they control what bills get voted on and what bills do not. So if an “assault weapons” ban is actually introduced the Senate Democrats would likely bring it to the floor for a vote. That’s the bad news.

Now, the good news:

The Senate Democrats, who by the way have killed numerous pro-gun owner bills over the years, hold a 26-23 majority (Senator David Johnson a former Republican now self identifies as an Independent). It is also an election year.

That means if we can flip at least three seats in the Senate, we’ll bounce Democrats from their majority status and install a new, more Second Amendment friendly Senate majority. If we flip the Senate we end the Gronstalling that’s plagued pro-gun owner legislation for years. If we flip the Senate we put Matt McCoy in the minority. If we flip the Senate this “assault weapons” ban stands virtually zero chance of passing.

So, how do we flip the Senate?

Simple, we get out and we get as many of our pro-gun friends and neighbors out to vote as possible. PARTICULARLY in districts where Senate Democrats are very vulnerable of losing their reelection bids. We’ve laid out the game plan in more detail HERE.

This means we need to start doing real, boots on the ground campaign work and getting pro-Second Amendment legislators elected to the Iowa Senate. That means we need your help and the help of lots of volunteers. If we fail, we can expect to see more Gronstalling, more gun control bills and more pro-Second Amendment bills killed in the Iowa Senate.

If you’re OK with the thought of an “assault weapons” ban in Iowa, feel free to stay on the sidelines.

If you’re OK with pro-gun owner bills (Constitutional Carry, Stand Your Ground, Youth Shooting, etc.) never getting passed, don’t bother getting involved.

If you’re ready for change, ready to make some real progress and ready to see real pro-Second Amendment bills passed in Iowa, SIGN UP BELOW TO VOLUNTEER. Remember, just going out and voting isn’t enough. We need to be actively working to protect and enhance our right to keep and bear arms, and election work is where that all begins.


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